Author Bio and Credits

Jen was born in Whitefish, Montana in 1972. She was raised in Eureka, Montana most of her younger years. She was the youngest of four children and the only surviving girl. Jeniann attended Rexford Elementary school her kindergarten year and the following year she transferred to Eureka Elementary School where she graduated from the eighth grade in 1987. She attended Lincoln County High School until her junior year when she moved from Eureka to Medford, Oregon with her mother and stepfather.
Jen has self-published two short stories….”There is No Hell Part 1 Let it Begin” which has since retired and going through editing stages again and she has also published recently a short research story about graffiti being art and the history of graffiti …”Is Graffiti Art?.” Jen also publishing under the names, Jeniann Bowers; she also writes and blogs under Stacie and Sweet Willow for Double Decker Books.
Jen is a single mother of four kids, two adult daughters, a teenage son and a young son that is autistic. She spends her mornings writing and then home schools her two boys. KayCee, her oldest daughter lives with her to help out due to Jen’s health and help with her brothers.
Jen was a proud junior at Capella University. She has made both the President’s and Dean’s list for outstanding academic achievements and she currently holds a 4.0 GPA in her studies. However, due to her health she cannot continue at this time.
Books published under Jeniann Bowers:
Expressions on Life Book One
Expressions and Letters
Phraseology and Letters
Collection of 25 Days of Christmas Poetry
Poems, Dreams & More
Poems, Dreams & More Vol. 2
Poetry: The Lighter Side of Silliness
The Sound of Nature: Collected Poems & Other Writings

Books Coming Soon by Author Jen Bowers
Leadership: Leading Teams and You
Jack Mountain
Memoir: Lessons Learned, Love, Life and Death
Ethics: What is it?
Voices: The Music

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