Most Capturing Author

With being out for almost two weeks due to my health, I can say that I honestly missed writing these short articles and sharing them with you all.

This week’s article is about an author I came across just couple years ago and I have absolutely enjoyed reading her books. She is an Christian writer and all of her books are based around crime with a touch of Christ as a extra gift. Her work is amazing and the story-lines capture my attention and drew me so deep into the plot and characters. I would like to introduce my next author, Author Terri Blackstock! Terri’s writing leaves a feeling of completeness and fulfilling of interest. I recommend this author and all of her books.

My three favorite books by Terri:

The Cape Refuge Series: This series was my first read by Terri Blackstock. The plot was twisted and torted a little throughout these but I really enjoyed reading them.

The Newpointe Series was my favorite, I just adored the characters and the plot was more capturing than any other series I have read.

Lastly, this is a stand alone book by Terri Blackstock. This was to me a lesson ins disguise and a heart-touching tale about a mother and her two daughters facing the unusual events in life.

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