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Project “Voices”

I have been working on several writings over the last six months. The problem I have wwhenever I write short stories or other writings I get bored easly. But this project I am working on came to me one morning while listening to music and writing. To take you to the spot where this all started, I was listening to some good classic rock and one of the best ballads came on by Def Leppard, and I stop what I was doing and just really sat there and listened to Joe Elliot’s voice and how his voice sung the lyrics that took me back to my high school years. This made me start thinking about all the voices I have heard over the years in music and outside of music within the normal realm. I decided right then that I was going to start a project about the voices that helped shape me into the person I have became.

So the layout of this book project starts of as myself being an infant to adulthood. As I write each day, I start with a list of voices that help build me from on stage to the next. Such as an infant to toddler to a young kid to middle school to high school to etc. And. I give credit to the people who’s voice has stuck with me and the wisdom, advice or lesson they taught me. Some of these voices are my parents, siblings, teachers, friends, close family members and friends of the family and especially the lyrics of songs and who sung them that help pull me through the harder times in life.

Word choice has been difficult to work with and I have had to seek new descriptive ways to describe their voices so the reader will understand what I am trying to say and portray . Also word choice has been difficult in deciding what words could capture the attention of the audience I am working at. Such as, this book could be read by anyone at any age, so I have to keep my audience in front of me with every word I write.

The release date is quite a ways away, but I will be blogging about my struggles and accomplishments throughout the writing.

Stay tuned!!!


Book Teasers

The Jack Mountain Series: Let it Begin РAs I sit here writing this story, looking back onto my past life and how things turned from good-to-bad-to-good again makes me wonder what life is truly about and if I had not fought so hard if I would still be me. Here I am in my middle forty’s, single, raised three of the four children I do have and life is just getting started. So here it is, the way I recall things from my past and how it changed me as a person and made sense as life went on before my eyes. I was born into a large family that was filled with lots of love and laughter. My childhood was spent living on Jack Mountain in Lincoln City, as I grew older I would learn the struggles of life, but would these struggles tear my family apart?

Tell me your thoughts? Hope to hear from you soon

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